Jillian Johnson
Having served on City Council for 8 years, I understand better than most what this job requires, and I can unequivocally say that Carl is up for the job. His background in economic opportunity policy at the national level and his years organizing with the People's Alliance give him the skills and understanding necessary to find solutions to the problems facing our city. I believe he will be an incredible addition to the council.
Carl will be an excellent, thoughtful, and hard-working member of City council.  He has championed equity and poverty-reduction efforts, and livable wages in the many years that I’ve known and worked with him. I strongly recommend you use one of your 3 at-large votes to elect Carl to City Council!
Larry Herst's portrait.
Larry Herst
Carl is a longtime friend, and I’m proud to have worked together with him in a number of ways to make Durham a more equitable place. From supporting public schools to encouraging businesses to pay a living wage, Carl knows how to bring people together and promote positive change.
Carl has been a true partner in advocating for a more progressive Durham. From fighting for a living wage for city, county, and school employees to advocating for property tax relief for our most vulnerable homeowners, Carl has been fighting for a brighter future for years. I'm excited to see him do the same on City Council.
Cecilia Barja's portrait.
Cecilia Barja
I support Carl because he will deliver what is so greatly needed in Durham today: a listening and non-judgemental leadership that includes all perspectives respectfully. I have witnessed how Carl's humility was critical for bridging group differences in many opportunities. He has facilitated agreements by focusing on what matters to the excluded and disempowered people. The Hispanic community made Durham their home and wants to play a part in building a better city for our kids. Carl es nuestro amigo.
Carl Rist is wise and kind, creative, hardworking and collegial, and he has proven that he can bring people together to advance Durham's progressive values. Carl's Living Wage work is remarkable and is making a tremendous difference in Durham. As a city council member, Carl will continue to provide critical leadership on Durham's most pressing issues of racial and economic justice.
I am pleased to support Carl for Durham City Council. Working together to advocate for the best interests of all Durham residents has shown me that we can trust that Carl has the heart and mindset we need in city leadership right now and for the years to come.